RDK is a full-service marketing and media agency, that speaks your language-literally. We’re a lively ensemble of linguistic virtuosos, marketing maestros and media mavens, specializing in translation, market research, campaigns, and media relations, all with a dash of wit.

In 2015, three language enthusiasts with a mastery over both the Lao and English languages set the foundation for what would soon become a groundbreaking venture. Originating as a translation service, our company carved its niche by adeptly navigating between languages for documents, movie titles, and conference services. This initial success was merely the beginning.

As our expertise in language became our trademark, we expanded our horizons into the media sector. In 2017, we started developing magazines and SPdigital content that resonated with Laos-based, diaspora, and regional audiences, enriching the media content landscape about Laos with engaging narratives and insightful commentary.

The leap into marketing was a natural progression. We gathered a team of like-minded and talented people, each fluent in the language of our clients and their audiences, to offer marketing solutions that stood out for their depth and understanding.This move was part of not only our business growth strategy, but also revamping the image of Laos, one that the country and its people could be proud of and promote together.

Meet The Team

Meet Our Fantastic Team of RDK Group